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Your Deposit is Protected with HomeLife Power Realty

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As you work with your HomeLife REALTOR®, rest assured, your deposit is protected.  All REALTORS are required to participate in an insurance program that includes consumer deposit insurance. The premium for the insurance coverage, including the coverage that protects your deposit, is also paid your HomeLife REALTOR.
You are protected in the event of fraud, insolvency or misappropriation of funds. Coverage is up to a maximum of $100,000 per claim and a maximum of $500,000 for all claims related to the occurrence. Also, absolutely no deductible paid by you.
Not covered under the policy are claims arising from your REALTOR acting as an executor, administrator, trustee or in any other fiduciary capacity other than as a broker or salesperson. For more details, contact RECO's Insurance Department: 
416-207-4841 or insurance@reco.on.ca. 



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