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Keep Personal Items Safe When Hosting an Open House!

More and more Open Houses seem to be ripe pickings for opportunistic crimes. If you're choosing to host an open house be sure both you and your clients are taking all the necessary precautions. 

For your sellers:

  • Remove/lock all personal information from home
    • family photos, particularly of children*
    • keys, credit cards, cheques*
    • anything that contains personal information including letters and bills, ID badges, address books, and family notes and schedules on the refrigerator or a bulletin board*
  • Remove/lock all valuables
    • cash, jewelry, furs, crystal, small electronics, laptops, and valuable collectibles*
  • Remove/lock all dangerous items
    • firearms and ammunition, knives, and other weapons including knife blocks on kitchen counters*
    • prescription drugs*


  • State in advertisements that identification will be required and surveillance will be in use
  • Identify everyone who attends your open house
    • Use a sign in sheet
    • Capture ID on camera
    • Livestream attendees as they enter
  • Park at the curb so your car cannot be blocked
  • Leave your purse secured/in your vehicle (trunk)
  • Arrive early and keep the doors locked until you are ready to open them
  • Walk through the home
    • Ensure no personal information of client is accessible
    • Look for mail, envelopes, personal photos, etc
    • Ensure pets are managed appropriately
    • Check that valuables are secured
    • Position webcams, start up surveillance app if applicable
  • Control the entry points
    • Limit access to what you can manage
    • Beware of back doors, garages, back yards, etc.
    • There is no obligation to let anyone into any open house
    • Review...plan an escape route
  • Check the outside for escape route obstacles such as fences, shrubbery, ponds
  • Keep a hand free; carry only non-valuable business items, make sure your car keys and phone are always on your person
  • Connect with the neighbours in advance of the open house
    • Let them know day/time of open house and ask them to alert you of any potential suspicious activity
    • Let them know you'll do your best to ensure attendees park appropriately, respect their property
  • Do not allow visitors to enter before you have completed your safety checks
  • Provide effective staffing
    • Ask a friend or colleague to sit the open house or model home with you
    • Use the open house as an opportunity for mentoring newer members
    • Consider hiring a security officer for the open-house event, if the value of the home is high-risk
    • Beware of couples or groups who split up
  • Consider briefer open houses to avoid quiet times at the end of the day
  • Secure the home at the conclusion
    • Lock the front door to ensure no one comes in while you are checking
    • Call a safety buddy and keep them on the phone while you are walking through the home and until you are safely in your car
  • Have someone available to meet you/walk you to your car if you see anyone loitering outside
    • If safe to do so, take their picture and send it to your safety buddy
    • If unsure, stay in the house with locked doors
  • Limit the number of people in the home at one time

View or download our safety booklet HERE

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