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Working with Older Homes

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People looking for a new home will go for an older model for several reasons. It might be because they feel it has more character, or because the price point makes them feel like they get a better “bang for their buck”. Some people prefer an older home because they like the idea of renovating a new space, top to bottom. However, there are always some things to consider when a buyer chooses an older home.
First and foremost, there needs to be a thorough check on the overall structure of the house. This check will include, but is not limited to:
- Electrical components
- Plumbing
- Proper sealant and waterproofing in the basement and on the ground floor
- Proper insulation
- Solid structure of frame and outdoor shingles
- Proper tiling
- Insulation around all doors and windows
- Air conditioning (if needed)
- Protection for floors (carpet and hardwood)
- Rust proofing for doors, windows, outdoor attachments, etc.
- Security features (if desired)
If any of the above items are deemed less than safe or habitable, they should be replaced or repaired immediately.
In addition to these, there are certain “red flags” that you should pay close attention to when going through a home that may need renovations. They are:
- Any black mold on a surface of the house
- Knob and tube wiring (an older form of electrical wiring that has been proven to be highly flammable)
- Pipes that are older or rusted (they can burst and cause water damage)
- Older or rusted gas tanks (if the home is gas heated. These can be highly flammable and combustible)
As with anything, it is important to consider functionality as well as comfort. A buyer will appreciate any attention to detail, and it will save costs in the long run.


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