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Everything You Need to Know About Termites and Your Home

Everything you need to know about termites from HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph

There are a few words that strike fear in the hearts of homeowners, and one of those is termites. Termites have the potential to cause a whole lot of damage, and often you don’t realize you have them until the damage has been done.

Things to Do This May Long Weekend

Things to do in Guelph May long weekend by HomeLife Power Realty Inc.

Celebrate the unofficial first weekend of summer this Victoria Day! While it’s still technically spring, it’s usually the first weekend the weather is warm enough to head to the cottage, have a barbecue and generally get outdoors.

HomeLife Power Realty Inc.’s No Family Goes Hungry Program

No family goes hungry program at HomeLife Power Realty Inc in Guelph

HomeLife Power Realty Inc. is proud to be a part of our local communities. Whether we’re helping to plant trees and contribute to a greener environment or partner with the Brick to bring your affordable furniture options, we are committed to helping our communities in any way we can.

Tapping Into Home Equity for Further Investments

Tap into your home equity for further investments from HomeLife Power Realty Inc Guelph

When it comes to investing, property is a popular option because it’s relatively low risk and a great long-term investment option. And for homeowners with equity, one of the best ways to invest is in properties.

HomeLife Power Realty & the Plant a Tree Program

HomeLife Power Realty Inc. & Plant a Tree Program in Guelph

At HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph, we are proud to give back to our communities!

Tips for Saving for a Down Payment

Tips for saving for a down payment from HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for young, first-time homebuyers in Guelph to buy their first home. One reason for this is that many people are unable to save up the money that’s needed for a down payment.

HomeLife Power Realty Inc. & The Brick Partnership

At HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph, we are proud to partner with businesses in our community to bring our clients the best customer service! That’s why we are proud of our partnership with the Brick.

What Is Title Insurance & What Are the Benefits?

At HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph, it’s important to us that you understand your options when it comes to owning a home. And while you’re probably aware of home insurance, not all homeowners are aware of title insurance and why they should consider getting it.

Changes to Mortgage Rules & Requirements in Canada

At HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph, we know how important it is that you stay informed about changes that affect you. That’s why we wanted to outline some recent changes to mortgage rules and requirements across Canada.

The HomeLife Home Warranty

Whether you’re buying a new home or selling your old one, using HomeLife Power Realty Inc. in Guelph is the smart choice. Not only are our Realtors® real estate experts, choosing HomeLife Power Realty Inc. also means having peace of mind.

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